Christian Jarquin´s Life Story | Former Volunteers | Testimonials | Results 2005 – 2013 | Goals 2010 – 2017

1. Be Present in 3 cities in Nicaragua
2. Create self sustaining programs that teach entrepreneurial and leadership skills
3. Create a Scholarship Program for Middle and High School students in Nicaragua
4. Have a December of Dreams Chapter in 5 colleges and Universities in Florida.


1. Grants
2. Individual Giving
3. In-Kind Help


1. Raise funds for shipping supplies and to buy supplies
2. Storage Unit for Toys and supplies
3. Fiscal help for Orphanages and Schools
4. Operating Expenses- (P.O. Box, website,etc)
5. Travel expenses for those who travel (Air + Hotel)
6. Transportation of buses in Nicaragua.


1. Television: Community Relations, TV stations, COMCAST, MegaTV
2. Radio: 1450 AM, Radio Mambi, Spanish Brodcast
3. Print: La Prensa, Diario Las Americas, El Nuevo Herald,
4. Press Release
5. Facebook Fan Page
6. Google Adwords

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  • International Volunteer program to help children of Nicaragua
  • Leadership building program, International travel abroad leadership forming program,
  • Travel Nicaragua and help kids of Nicaragua
  • Making Nicaraguan children's dreams come true by providing resources and inspiration to young children (Nicaragua).
  • Collaborate an affiliate with other nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, One Earth and thus combining our efforts, strengths and expertise to fulfill our mission.