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Tatiana Marquez Testimonial
My experience with Nicaragua December of Dreams in 2005 was amazing. We began by promoting the project and trying to raise funds. We held bake sales and even sold raffle tickets at ExpoNica.

In order to raise awareness and sponsorship for the project we obtained media exposure through newspapers, television, and radio. It was exciting to see how a charitable project of this magnitude came together. In Nicaragua our team was assigned to the city of Granada. We visited schools and orphanages where we met amazing children of all ages.

Our team distributed toys, school supplies, and even food supplies as well. To really see firsthand the impact these donations had on the institutions, the staff, and of course the children was unforgettable. When I handed little kids that had never had anything let alone new toys or backpacks it was truly remarkable to see the pure joy on their faces. That is the only way I can describe my experience with December of Dreams: pure joy that was genuine and sincere. I would highly recommend this project to anyone

Valeria Quinonez

TatianaTestimonial The best thing about December of Dreams is the firsthand experience participants get by meddling with Nicaraguans from the different economic strata. The most impacting memories for most of us that do not see raw poverty on an everyday basis will be witnessing the kids with their bare feet, swollen stomach, a few garments of clothes, if any at all usually accompanied by a wide smile and contagious laughter. I was very fond of the Nicaraguan families and individuals we met on our journey who supported our cause and helped us along the way to fulfill our goal. To share fifteen days with complete strangers who willingly gathered together to collaborate on this project was also immensely gratifying. Our main activities in Nicaragua consisted of brainstorming the details for the next day’s events, preparing the school supplies and toys that would get distributed at the different sites, gathering the logistics so that we could get to the chosen sites and the best part – executing our plans and meeting the local communities that benefited from our charity. On top of all these, we got the chance to explore the region whether it was its surrounding volcanoes, great lake or Nicaragua’s capital – Managua, our group was always on the go. My best advice for anyone thinking about joining December of Dreams would be don’t think about it too much, jump into the chance and do it! Tatiana Marquez