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December of Dreams began as my dream to help the kids left behind in poverty. It is a form of gratitude for all that God has given me but it was not always this way.

My single mother of seven children was very poor unable to sometimes feed her first six children. With hard work she began a business and purchased a house and then another.

When the civil war began my mother realized her children’s life was in danger so we fled to the United States via emigrating through central America. I can relate to the children who have nothing because I lived it while emigrating through Guatemala. When in Nicaragua I played with expensive toys while in Guatemala I played with sticks and stones. (Read Full Story) When I look at a child in need I see myself wanting someone to help me, and since I made it out of the destructive and overwhelming poverty I want to do the same for others. In December 2007-2008 the first official humanitarian trip to Nicaragua took place. Our team consisted of university students which helped 1,500 children with toys and school supplies. In December of 2006, volunteers and alumni from the U.S. and Nicaragua teamed up to help 3,000 children with their first toys and school supplies. Our motto is “making children’s dreams reality”.