How To Help
THANK YOU!!! Because of people like you, we have helped 10,000 Nicaraguan children with toys and school supplies.

Our December of Dreams 2012 program can be seen here In FACEBOOK DECEMBER OF DREAMS

Children are our future and because we reap what we sow, we plant love, compassion and understanding. We share the abundance we have and provide opportunities for self growth not only for children but for our volunteers. The future is brighter now due to service oriented people we have met and continue to meet throughout the years. A few changes to the program include focusing on our holistic volunteer growth program that makes better individuals and molds greater leaders. We believe we cannot help others to the potential we can unless we get groomed to be be a better us.

Donate and Volunteer
Donate toys and school supplies:

All toys in good condition are accepted


Businesses can help:
  • Become a corporate sponsor for our humanitarian projects.
  • We put your business organization Logo on all marketing materials.
  • Visit our sponsors (Sushi Cafe, TACA Airlines, Travel1)
Volunteer your time & your expertise
  • Volunteer for our events.
  • Professional services on a Pro-Bono basis.
  • Business willing to donate supplies and materials (Materials will be raffled to allow us to raise needed funds.
  • We need engineers, webmasters, doctors, all professionals and university students are welcomed
Tell friends & family about our humanitarian project:
  • All help is welcomed and appreciated.
  • Emphasize "The power of 10" (Tell 10 people who they in turn promise to tell ten others.